At AltaPhotoca we understand how important your artwork is to you.

We provide expert advice on options for framing so as to present them in the most suitable, fashionable and beautiful ways;
the best way to preserve your items, and to help you ensure that they will look good on your walls for decades to come.


Get inspired and have fun with framing!

We have a huge range of frames. We offer affordable frames for things like posters, right up to conservation framing. Everything from ornate and gilded showstoppers imported from Italy to contemporary understated frames and a host of different and unusual products to help you get excited about your artwork. We deal with all the major manufacturers and importer of moldings in Australia so your choice is only limited by your imagination.


High quality materials

If required we have a range of the highest quality materials, such as museum quality 100% cotton rag matboards and 99% UV filtering conservation glass or acrylic to protect and preserve your artwork from damaging environmental factors.


Block mounting

Block mounting is an inexpensive and stylish solution to framing posters, photographs or any printed matter for hanging or presentation. Artwork can be mounted onto various materials including MDF, Foamboard and gataboard.


Acrylic Photo Mounting

Acrylics are a fantastic mounting media for photos. The clarity and sparkle of the acrylic enhances the colors and vibrancy of your image while also providing protection and rigidity. The finished product looks fantastic, is very long lasting, has UV protection and is very robust – ideal for galleries and public hanging. Here at AltaPhotoca we are experts at polished acrylic mounting and can offer a range of innovative products to enhance your photos. Please bring in your digital file and we can discuss the acrylic process with you.


Polished Acrylic Float Frames

This is the basic Acrylic mount – done with diamond polished edges and with a hidden aluminum

backing frame. The Acrylic is spaced or “floats” off the wall by 12mm.

Polished Acrylic Blocks

These thick acrylic blocks give a fantastic dept and sparkle to your image. No stands are required,

giving them a clean elegant look – available in 20 or 30mm.


All our framing products are hand picked by Andrew for their durability, quality and beauty and we pride ourselves on designing innovative solutions to even the trickiest framing job.

Please feel free to contact us or email us for your free advice and quote.